Make Your Life Simpler Series: With Jen Of Sustainable(ish)

Our next interview in the Make Your Life Simpler blog series is with Jen Gale from Sustainable(ish), an author/speaker/podcaster making it easy to go green.

"Taking a sustainable(ish) approach - making more choices that are good for the planet, more of the time - can make life easier by cutting through the overwhelm, the anxiety and to help you work out what you CAN do, AND reassure you that you are making a difference."

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5 Simple Ways To Make Your Closet More Sustainable

As a young fashion buyer at an exclusive department store, I loved fashion. The glamour, the excitement, the fun. I also felt the pressure to always be on-trend. To constantly have new things that might elicit the “That’s gorgeous! Where did you get it?” reaction.

I was so absorbed in this world, I had literally no idea about the true impact of the fashion industry. Particularly fast fashion - clothes designed to be cheap, to be convenient and to always have you lusting after something new.

Seven years on, War On Waste and The True Cost opened my eyes. To the pollution, the waste, and who is paying the real price for our clothing.

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How to help vulnerable families with Little Village

We're all living a global emergency. And now, more than ever, it's time to help local communities.

Little Village are distributing emergency bundles of essentials to families who desperately need their help, throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

💚 We want to do what we can to support this vital cause here at Pure Bundle. And to make it possible for you to support vulnerable families too. 💚
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We're still here to help you...

So, this year has started out a little differently to how we all thought....

We’re doing our absolute best to figure out this strange, evolving world with you.

We know that your little ones are still growing...and that many of the ways you might usually get clothes just aren’t possible right now.

We might be a little slower getting capsules to you than usual, with less new capsules than we planned (who else is homeschooling 🙋‍♀️) but we’re still open online for ready made capsule orders.
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