5 Simple Living Instagram Accounts Every Mum Should Know About

As the parent of a small human who constantly needs me, I get it. Whether you’re a mum to be, a mum of one or a mum of many, you’re busy. Oh so busy.

Motherhood is a wonderful, overwhelming, wild ride, right? Any chance to make your life simpler is golden.

“Imagine yourself living in a space that only contains things that spark joy.” - Marie Kondo

Want to know where to start with simplifying your life? To live more lightly? To make room for what’s precious to you? To enjoy experiences over things?

Here are 5 of the best simple living Instagram accounts to inspire you.

1. Zoe Kim - @raisingsimple

      Her Edge

      An advocate for simple living, zero waste and minimalism. Author of Minimalism For Families.

      Why You Need Her In Your Life

      • Inspires you to live simply through storytelling
      • Shares tips to simplify your wardrobe
      • Gives you helpful minimalism with kids advice
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      How might your wardrobe (and life!) be better with less? . Would you be able to find what you want to wear with just a quick glance, save money, feel more confident, reduce you mental load (hello decision fatigue)...? . The list goes on my friends. In fact, when I really think about it I wonder what took me so long to see how more is less. Or as I like to say, enough is best. ✨💕. . Have you simplified your wardrobe yet? If not, what is holding you back? ☺️ . #mywardrobe . #minimalism #minimalist #minimalistmom #minimalistliving #minimalisthome #minimalistfamily #minimalismforfamilies #homestyle #howwedwell #seekthesimplicity #darlingmovement #simpleliving #slowliving #simplicity #minimalistwardrobe #project333 #theminimalistwardrobe #sustainablefashion

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      2. Denaye Barahona Ph.D. - @simple_families

          Her Edge

          Author of Simple Happy Parenting and host of top-ranked, 5-star podcast, Simple Families Podcast.

          Why You Need Her In Your Life

          • Inspires minimalism with kids
          • Shares positive parenting tips
          • Provides tips on family wellness 


          3. Angela - @eversohomely

              Her Edge

              A homemaker and DIYer who helps you to simplify your life in a home you love.

              Why You Need Her In Your Life

              • Helps you to simplify your life in a home you love
              • Shares tips to declutter and organise your home
              • Inspires you with DIY projects
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              ~ LINEN MAKEOVER ~ Well this was fun to organise 🙄😂 Everything was pretty painfree except for those fitted sheets 🤦‍♀️ but I have found a way to fold that I am happy with, it's neat and doesn't end up in an awkward mess when you pull something out 🙌 and don't worry I will create some video for so you can do it too! I decided on open and visible baskets so everyone can see what they need immediately... aka me 🙄🤣 but then it was time to play around to see how everything fitted into the baskets. And overall I am stoked how well everything has it's place and how neatly it stacks! I moved some things out of this area, and rehomed, I did a big declutter and was able to create some space and storage for things like excess cushions, table linens and the toilet paper so my little tribe can reach to fill up their own bathroom 🙌 👉 Who need's to get their linen closet organised? 👉 Swipe to see the before pic 😲 Pic @eversohomely

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              4. Katrina - @spark_joy_london

                  Her Edge

                  A professional organiser trained by the joyful @mariekondo

                  Why You Need Her In Your Life
                  • Inspires you with her rainbow organisational bliss
                  • Shares inspirational before & after shots
                  • Gives you helpful tips in small bites & quotes 


                  5. Rachelle Crawford - @abundantlifewithless

                      Her Edge

                      An advocate of minimalism for real people.

                      Why You Need Her In Your Life

                      • Inspires you to pursue an abundant life without the abundance
                      • Shares inspirational perspectives and quotes
                      • Provides practical strategies for leading a minimalist life



                      So, are you keen to make your life a little simpler?

                      Check out these 5 fabulous simple living accounts for a constant stream of inspiration & tips 🌈

                      Do you have a favourite simple living author, blogger or influencer that I’ve missed? I’d love to hear who they are and what you love about them in the comments below. 👇🏼

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