5 Sustainable Family Living Bloggers That Will Inspire You

Hands up if you have eco-anxiety? Me too.

We all know we need to change things. To take better care of this beautiful planet.

But figuring out what you, in your jam-packed life, can do to help? It can be kind of overwhelming... Especially in the whirlwind of family life.

You're about to hear about five families that are inspiring me to make daily changes - hopefully, they inspire you too.


1. Emma Ross - @mamalinauk

      Her Edge

      A London based Mama of three who focuses on living and parenting slowly and sustainably with a big dose of yoga, cooking and travel.

      Why You Need Her In Your Life

      • Inspires you to live more slowly and sustainably
      • Shares tips on using all things reusable
      • Gives you helpful advice on using cloth nappies
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      Geeky sandals aside 👆🙈, having days with no plans (over here we call it a #zeroplansday 🌱) is a big priority of mine, especially since having Abe Forrest...It takes the pressure off, gives us so much freedom, and I swear it’s where the magic happens. Here’s some things that go down when we make no plans: ⭐️Getting dressed becomes fun, not a stress. It can also take 2 hours, and that doesn’t matter... ⭐️ We meet people on our street for the first time ⭐️ We find time to call grandparents ⭐️ We discover great new tuuunes (lots of playlists on my blog) ⭐️A visit to the post office becomes an adventure ⭐️ Teeth always get brushed ⭐️ Cake is usually involved... What would you add? 🌈✨🙏🏻

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      2. Jenna - @zerowastemum

          Her Edge

          An East London family on a journey to low impact living.

          Why You Need Her In Your Life

          • Shares positive steps on a journey to low impact living
          • Advocates for and provides tips on shopping preloved
          • Provides tips on sustainable swaps
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          I CAN DO THAT. The @fashionforgood exhibition I visited in Amsterdam last week is very much still at the front of my mind. As an industry, there is just SO MUCH that needs to change, along every part of the supply chain, but what can we do as consumers? Here are a few actions suggested in the exhibition that have really got me thinking: 1. Buy less, but better - buy second hand when appropriate, consider if you actually need new clothes before you buy. 2. Go behind the label - ask the brand questions, do your research. 3. Wear with care - wash on a quick, cold cycle. Air dry your clothes, learn to fix. 4. Reuse - give clothes a second life. Once your garment has had a long life with you; give it away, sell it, recycle it (with a reputable company). 5. Activate - speak up in your community. Talk to your friends about what you’re trying to do. Message brands about questions you have and what you’d like to see them do. Will you be taking any actions to alter the way you buy & wear fashion? Which of these stick out for you? Or anything different? Totally recommend checking out @fashionforgood’s website too for more resources. #FashionForGood #sustainablefashion #fashionexhibition

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          3. Mummy & Daddy team - @fairlyethicalfamily

              Their Edge

              A Mummy and Daddy team making lifestyle changes to do the best they can to become a fairly ethical family.

              Why You Need Them In Your Life

              • Inspires you with their family journey to live more ethically
              • Shares latest news on all things sustainability
              • Shares low waste tips and swaps
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              Can we make this work? Can we get the preloved clothing market booming more than #fastfashion ?? - - We have definitely become much more aware of the fashion industry and haven't bought very much new in a long time. I regularly scope out our local charity shops both to give clothing to and to see if there's anything we can rehome (only if we need it!). We are incredibly fortunate and grateful to have friends who pass on clothes for the kiddos which we will in turn pass on for more wear. There is no need to buy new for kids, there is so much already out there. - - This year we decided that if we needed to buy new we would buy better. I got some lovely @maxomorra_official for both kiddos because it's just an amazing company - good quality, great ethics 💚 - - For me though I need to have a think about my clothes. I am definitely not fashionable and choose function over fashion every time. I don't *need anything right now but I will be looking for recommendations for good quality clothing - tops, bottoms.....for when they need to be replaced. I can assure you none of it will be #fastfashion 😃 - - #zerowasteuk #goingzerowaste #greenliving #earthfriendly #sustainablyliving #environmental #sustainableliving #zerowasteliving #ecoconscious #sustainablelifestyle #ecofriendly #fairlyethicalfamily #reducereuserecycle #ditchdisposables #savetheearth #fashrev #greenfashion #ecofashion #charityshop #charityshopping #donations #secondhand #secondhandclothes #secondhandclothing #charity #charityshopfind #charityshopfinds #secondhandfashion #secondhandstuff

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              4. Ashley & Manu - @mysonsplanet

                  Their Edge

                  An eco-conscious, international Mama and Papa inspiring others to take eco-conscious action beyond Insta.

                  Why You Need Them In Your Life

                  • Shares fresh planet-friendly businesses and consumer choices
                  • Tells you about innovative community ideas
                  • Inspires you to change the way you do things to leave a healthy planet for future generations
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                  🌟Flashback Friday🌟to the #globalclimatestrike with our lovely friend and fellow clothbum mum @annekaconnell So much inspiration and positivity in the air, it still gives me a great Friday Feeling!...that and a little bit of sunshine that seems to be making a reappearance!👍🏼☀️ . It was great to meet @zoearden and Abby and hear about her work at @hellohubbub. For those of you that aren’t too familiar with @hellohubbub here’s a little bit about them: “We’re a charity that creates environmental campaigns with a difference. We're positive and design playful campaigns that inspire people to make healthier, greener lifestyle choices, which more often than not help save money and bring people together.” Why not check them out!🌎💚🌟👍🏼 . #globalclimatestrike #fridayfeeling #protectourplanet #clothnappies #clothbummum #makeclothmainstream #babiesofinstagram #newparents #ditchdisposables #mothersrising #parentsforfuture #surreylife #surreymums #surreymummy #mysonsplanet

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                  5. Meg - @sustainable.mum.life

                      Her Edge

                      A self-proclaimed cloth nappy addict who believes that it doesn’t have to cost the earth, to save the earth 🌍

                      Why You Need Her In Your Life

                      • Shares sustainable finds for little ones
                      • Inspires you to explore cloth nappies
                      • Shares sustainability tips that don't compromise on convenience
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                      🌿SURFACE WIPES🌿 . . Not all reusable items compromise on convenience. They just sometimes require a little bit of forward thinking! 💭 . . My mum is a sucker for a disposable surface wipe. She always felt guilty about using them but the convenience kept bringing her back. I decided to set out on a mission to create her the most convenient reusable option! ♻️ . . YOU WILL NEED; . . A lockable glass mason jar- this one was 69p from @homebargains , although if you already own one or can charity shop one, even better. . . A set of reusable wipes- these are @alvababyusa as they are super affordable and come in packs of ten. Old towels cut up towels, flannels or scrap fabric work just as well too! . . Water- If you use cool boiled water it will stop them from going musty quickly. If you know you will use them up tap water is fine. . . Lemon Essential Oil- I picked my bottle up from my local Zero Waste shop. Health shops and @amazon as well as @tkmaxxuk stock a majority of scents making it easy to pick your favourite. I knew my mum would appreciate the fresh and clean smell of lemon. . . White vinegar- it’s grime and dirt busting abilities make it an amazing option to add into cleaners! Some people get put off by the smell but it dissipates quickly and the essential oils help to mask it too. . . Wet bag- I chose a @babaandboo in the size small in this gorgeous yellow polar bear print as it complements her kitchen. A wet bag is an amazing place to store the dirty ones as it is waterproof and compact and doesn’t take up room in your household! If you have a nappy bin they can go straight in there but my mum doesn’t have one so this is a perfect option. . . Net Bag- (OPTIONAL) Having a wet bag (this is the @littlelambnappies one) stops wipes getting trapped and lost in your washing machine. It’s not a necessity but on a practical level it keeps them all together for ease. . . Combine all of the liquids and add the wipes (I guesstimated 😉 the measurements! It’s was roughly 1 parts vinegar to 4 parts water and then 10-15 drops of oil. Adjust to your liking! . . Tag me in your attempts if you try it and remember #itdoesntcosttheearthtosavetheearth ♻️

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