Make Your Life Simpler Series: With Hasna of Save Your Wardrobe

Our next interview in the Make Your Life Simpler blog series is with Hasna Kourda from Save Your Wardrobe, a digital wardrobe platform.

"Our ultimate mission is to help our community reconnect with the content of their wardrobes.

We want to bring light to that #lovedclotheslast."

1. Hasna, can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

I am the CEO and co-founder of Save Your Wardrobe, a digital wardrobe platform that offers users personalised recommendations and connects them with third party service providers.

I was born and raised in Tunisia with strong values of circularity and zero waste. I have a background in Economics and Corporate Strategy with a focus on 'How to Optimise Finite Resources when creating Wealth’. Having studied Applied Economy at Paris Dauphine University, I was prompted to co-write the book L'essentiel d'un marché Tunisie regarding the Tunisian trading market, for the French Embassy in Tunisia.

​2. How can Save Your Wardrobe help people as they're social distancing?

Our ultimate mission is to help our community reconnect with the content of their wardrobes. We want to bring light to that #lovedclotheslast.

We lately saw a peak of usage of our app where our users uploaded hundreds of items into the app. Discovering recommendations on how to make the most of their clothes and what actions they could take straight away.

I truly believe that while we are taking a step back from our physical social life we could benefit from focusing on the environment we are living in and the clothes we pilled in our wardrobes.

3. What's helping you to stay positive and balance everything at the moment?

I must say that slowing down and focusing on my family and surroundings helps me cope with this whole quarantine isolation. I had already cleared out my wardrobe several months ago and I find using SYW app changing my habits a lot! I feel more in control of what I own and anything I aspire to buy.

Following this new habit I decided to apply the same techniques to food and cooking. I now eat healthier and enjoy rediscovering old tableware or cookware from my parents or my husband's grand father. It feels really good to be surrounded by objects that have stories. It is somehow grounding.

4. What 3 people | movements | organisations inspire you?

My son’s commitment to wasting less and being easily entertained by anything that is not necessarily a toy :)

Orsola De Castro: I can’t think of anyone that is as selfless as her and how she has been continuously supporting us for the past year.

Extinction Rebellion: About 20 years ago I remember my sister coming back home with some pioneering products she developed for the textile industry to reduce and stop the impact of the chemicals polluting the environment. I was impressed by the advanced technology and very curious about why she was developing them. Later I attended a conference on global warming and climate change. I went to ask the lecturer how I could help and he started telling me that I shouldn’t worry. I admire committed movements like Extinction Rebellion that are not afraid of showing the world the environmental state nor stepping away. I also admire how they involve young children. I wish that lecturer would have told us how I and other classmates could be involved sooner.

Farfetch: I was lucky to be part of Dream Assembly an accelerator backed by Farfetch. I had to relocate in Lisbon for about 3 months. I discovered amazing and generous teams and people. I was incredibly humbled by how a big gun like Farfetch is still grounded and human. Our mentors were extremely helpful at any hour of the day or night and generous with their resources. I also admire how approachable the CEO is and his commitment to giving back to start ups.

5. What are you working on at the moment?

We launched a Founder Series last week, where we sit with an entrepreneur and learn from their experience and expertise. It’s a very difficult time at the moment to be an early stage venture. We are all facing challenges on a different level or scale, I believe that we could overcome these together by sharing stories, strategies or lessons learned along the way.

Our first episode was about Sustainability in Times of Crisis with Jane Mosbacher Morris the Founder of To The Market. It was great to hear how she lightly pivoted her offer to respond to the first needs of the market and how she sees the supply chain adapts to the post covid -19 economy.

6. Hasna, what’s something about you that Google doesn’t know?

Probably anything that happened before 2003 :D

7. What message would you put on a billboard?


8. Where can we connect with you?


Instagram: @saveyourwardrobe

Facebook: @saveyourwardrobe

Twitter: @saveyrwardrobe

Hasna Kourda 

This interview was conducted by Sally Giblin, co-founder and CEO of Pure Bundle. Follow Sally on Instagram @pure_bundle & Facebook @purebundle 

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