Make Your Life Simpler Series: With Jess Of Life Styling

Our next interview in the Make Your Life Simpler blog series is with Jess from Life Styling, a qualified stylist with a knack for organisation magic.

‘Simplicity is the soul of efficiency’ Austin Freeman 

1. Jess, can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a qualified stylist and have spent 15 years in luxury fashion and interiors and was ready to break free with the aim to help others in a real and simple way.

My main goal with Life Styling is to give people like me the ease of life and relief that I experienced when I finally got my home and wardrobe clutter-free. To be able to give my clients a beautifully organised home and the time in their routines to do the things that they love brings me so much joy.

I was tired of starting everyday feeling out of control and with a lack of routine, of struggling to juggle motherhood and my day to day responsibilities at home, I knew I needed change. It felt only right to use my own home and wardrobe as my drawing boards. Since then, I have spent years crafting organisation systems and routines that are not only practical and sustainable but easy on the eye. When I realised it wasn't just me who felt this way, I knew I had to share, and that's how Life Styling was born!

2. What’s your favourite parenting hack?

Getting my daughter involved and giving her ownership - slowly but surely she take responsibility of her ‘stuff’ and this makes our lives sooo much easier.

3. How does Life Styling make parents lives easier?

With emphasis on mindset and routine we aim to give mums back their much needed time and space that they crave. As mums our needs tend to be placed last. The core of what we do includes your style and it’s so important your home represents you in a real way.

We work to declutter and organise your home and wardrobe with an emphasis on mindset and routine. We put a stylish organisation structure in place for long-term results.

I work with my clients to create a routine and planners that are personal to their needs.

4. What 3 people | movements | organisations inspire you?

My mum - the strongest person I have ever met, an Olympic rower and an incredible role model. She fought cancer for 10 years without a single moan. This in itself makes you fully appreciate every day and had a huge impact in my lifestyle change (having enough working full time and having no time to bring my daughter up and spend time with her).

Sustainability and this movement away from consumerism and into supporting locally, supporting small businesses and our money going into the right pockets. It a true passions of mine and one of Life Styling values, we all have a role to play in protecting the environment.  We hold this true to  decision-making and sustainable storage solutions, and help you to make the world a better place.

Women in business and that way the working world wasn’t created for women, we work better on our own cycles and on terms that suit us bringing up our family. We shouldn’t have to give up our career because the hours don't work for mums.

5. What are you working on at the moment?

I have just launched a free Christmas gift guide which includes how to get organised for Christmas, Stylish gift ideas from small boutiques and sustainable swaps you might like to adopt as new traditions. Also a Christmas Planner kit available on the website for £4.50 (it includes a kindness calendar for December too)

Planners have been the biggest focus as we head into 2021, and need a clear directions and routine whilst still in the midst of constant change. 

6. Jess, what’s something about you that Google doesn’t know?

Gosh, this is a hard one!? I guess the biggest secret is my life was completely opposite to what Life Styling stands for - my mind was over-active and complicated everything, I had way too much clutter in my home and life and was hooked on buying and having everything (and connecting buying stuff to happiness)..... that’s why the systems and services in Life Styling really work. I was the first case study and It has helped me take control and make my life easier!

7. What message would you put on a billboard?

Anything positive to make someone smile :) but I do love this saying ;

‘Simplicity is the soul of efficiency’ Austin Freeman 

8. Where can we connect with you?

This interview was conducted by Sally Giblin, co-founder and CEO of Pure Bundle. Follow Sally on Instagram @pure_bundle & Facebook @purebundle 

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