Make Your Life Simpler Series: With Katie of Habox

Our next interview in the Make Your Life Simpler blog series is with Katie from Habox, the UK's first dental subscription box for children.

"Health is in the habit."

These dentists (and Mama’s) help busy parents with the toothbrushing battle.

1. Katie, can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

I grew up in Oldham, deciding aged 12 I was going to be a Dentist. Don’t ask why, it was like a light bulb moment, I am deeply passionate about dental health. I am by nature very curious, and I love to learn, every time I finish learning something I want to work on something else, which is how Habox was born.

​2. What’s your favourite parenting hack?

Habits. We have mastered helping children form habits. Think no more nagging, no more checking things have been done. Habits mean these things are done automatically, like you switching off a light switch when you leave a room (you can never remember, but you always do it!).

3. How do Habox make people’s lives easier?

I firmly believe that the reason we as adults don’t floss, is because I tell you every 6 months “you need to floss” and then send you away and leave you to it (that ain't never worked for anyone let me tell you).

Habox is like a Dentist at home, gently supporting and reminding your children what they “should” be doing until it becomes a habit.

All the features of the box have been developed with psychology in mind, tapping into habit-forming cycles which just accidentally result in children brushing correctly every day.

4. What 3 people | movements | organisations inspire you?

Rhianna - I remember when I saw her Fenty underwear campaign, women of every shape & size. Women of colour, trans-women all modelling her underwear on one page. I was so shocked that this was the first time I saw us all together on one page. I loved it, she totally nailed it.

Mrs Hinch - Bare with me, apart from her excellent cleaning tips (I do love to clean) I still can’t get my head round the fact that despite her insane levels of fame, and no doubt a lot more money than she perhaps had a couple of years ago, she seems the same, likes the same stuff, gets excited about the same stuff and has just remained true to herself. I don’t think there are many others like her.

Jess Hellens - founder of Wild Co-working  - She founded a female co-working space in Frome. Not to bring men down, but to help bring women up that would otherwise maybe not have had the confidence to launch their businesses. She truly lifts others up, gets such joy from others successes and believes with passion in her work.

5. What are you working on at the moment?

We are working on making Habox more accessible to children all over the country, think Habox in schools. This is all we can say for now, but watch this space.

6. Katie, what’s something about you that Google doesn’t know?

I decided aged 26 I wanted to play the violin and I managed to get to Grade IV. I am going to pick it up again one day, but for now my time is filled with teeth and Habox.

7. What message would you put on a billboard?

Health is in the habit.

8. Where can we connect with you?


Instagram: @myhaboxuk

Katie from Habox

This interview was conducted by Sally Giblin, co-founder and CEO of Pure Bundle. Follow Sally on Instagram @pure_bundle & Facebook @purebundle 

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