How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe

People have been buzzing about the concept of a capsule wardrobe for a few years now.

Basically, it’s a small closet with minimal pieces that easily match together..saving you much time and cash. That you personally LOVE.

Are you ready to make it simpler to get dressed in the morning? And create more time and space for what you love?

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Make Your Life Simpler Series: With Rachel Carrell of Koru Kids

Pure Bundle has just launched a new blog series called Make Your Life Simpler. I'm inviting fabulous people & businesses who exist to make parents lives simpler to share their hacks, tools and ideas.

I hope you pick up some tips & inspiration from this new series. Because we can all do with making our lives a little simpler, right?

Our first interview is with the talented, pioneering, refreshingly authentic Rachel Carrell from Koru Kids.  

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5 Sustainable Family Living Bloggers That Will Inspire You

Hands up if you have eco-anxiety? Me too.

We all know we need to change things. To take better care of this beautiful planet.

But figuring out what you, in your jam-packed life, can do to help?

It can be kind of overwhelming... Especially in the whirlwind of family life.

You're about to hear about five families that are inspiring me to make daily changes - hopefully, they inspire you too.

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