We know buying preloved can be unfamiliar ... especially that first time.

We strive to provide you with quality, "like new" items, every time.

We have a strict inspecting, curating, photographing, storing and packing process. For an item to make it into a capsule, it has to meet a 10 point inspection process! Essentially, it must be:

  1. Beautifully clean.
  2. From a quality brand.
  3. In such fabulous condition, you'd almost mistake it for new.

So you can trust our capsules.

Our ultimate test? If our founders, Sally & Thais, wouldn't be happy dressing their own little ones in an item, it's not going in a capsule!

If for any reason you're not happy with your capsule, we offer returns within 14 days. You can find our Returns Policy here.